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Texas Ranch Specialist

Julian Rangel, founder, and operator of Texas Drain Specialist here. I’m a lifelong Austinite and avid triathlete. I was raised by two loving parents who believed if you see a need for something, it’s your job to figure out a way to fill that need and do it with integrity, honor, and respect.

After years of working with the biggest home builders around, I’ve learned that the hardest part of our residential customer's job is getting reliable contractors that will answer the phone and show up to perform at their best.

In 2019, I discovered for myself just how true this was in both residential and ranch work. Typically, when looking for contractors to help me with projects at my ranch, I couldn’t find anyone who would take on the small to medium sized tasks I needed done, who were also reliable and affordable. Right around this time, Covid began to take the world by storm. 

As many of you likely know, during the early days of Covid, finding work for in-home service professionals like plumbers was tougher than any of us imagined it would be. No one wanted strangers poking around their property with the pandemic terrorizing the outside world. Having just learned firsthand how difficult it is to find reliable professionals to do the jobs I needed done, combined with the financial threat of Covid, I decided to start cross-training our employees and have them learn how to perform every job a ranch owner might need using my own ranch and resources as a training center to facilitate this. This gave us the opportunity to not only expand our offerings at Texas Drains but keep our top-quality professionals employed.

By the time Covid was finally over, we had built horse trails, disc golf fields, waterlines, running/biking/jogging trails, trenches, and much more. It was at this point that we decided to officially expand our services and invest fully in the equipment needed to handle any small to medium job. 
This was the birth of Texas Ranch Specialists.
Our equipment is fully paid for and does not affect our pricing. You can expect reasonable daily rates, excellent customer service, expertly trained professionals, and high-quality, well-maintained equipment from us. We aren’t going to turn you away because you don’t have 20+ acres of land that needs clearing. In fact, we love the customers who the big guys call too small, after all, being told my ranch was too small of a job for most of them is why I decided to start on this journey in the first place.

With Texas Ranch Specialists, you can be at ease knowing that not only will we answer the phones, but all calls will be handled through our dispatching center at our headquarters. This is where our in-house office staff is ready to schedule appointments using our state-of-the-art paperless system.

We accept all major credit cards and can send receipts straight to your email with the click of a button.

Texas Ranch Specialist is a ranch and a residential company dedicated to solving problems for our customers. With a proven emphasis on cost-efficient, affordable, and customer-focused solutions we’re here for you. Rain or shine, sun or snow, if you are in the Central Texas area and need ranch or residential work done, call us today!

We are here to help in any way we can.

* ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS, we are willing to work with some landowners with in-house payment plans to help with any budget. *


Call 844.TX.BRUSH today to schedule service! We are proud to service ranches, businesses, and residential homes in the Central Texas area.

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